What Should You Know About Auto Electricals?

23 March 2020
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You, of course, know that your vehicle requires an electric current to power ignition, lighting and the electrical devices installed in your car. Vehicle electrical devices can include car alarms, music and video systems, front and rear cameras, etc.

Power Source

Your car battery is the first source of electricity for your car, meaning that you can't start your car engine without it. Once your engine is turned on, the source of power changes from the battery to the engine. Simply put, when your engine is running, power comes from the engine, and when your engine is off, power comes from the battery. If you have a habit of listening to your car stereo or you happen to leave your car lights on for a long time with the engine off, your battery can get easily drained and you might require to jump-start your car.

Car Electrical Faults

Examples of car electrical faults you might experience include:

  • Blown Bulbs

You should always inspect your car for blown bulbs, especially brake lights, at least once or twice a week. Most of the time, other road users are the ones who inform you that your rear lights aren't working. For your headlights and interior lights, you can easily tell because you use them frequently and you can see when they don't turn on.

You should also inspect your hazard lights. If you notice that one is blinking more than the other, there is an electrical fault.

  • Your Vehicle Won't Start

If you are trying to start your vehicle, but the ignition is not working, your battery might be drained, your starter might have a problem or your spark plugs might be faulty.

  • Your Stereo Does Not Turn On

Your stereo or the wiring to your stereo might be faulty. You need to have a car stereo specialist inspect it to find the root cause of the problem.

  • Dashboard Backlight

If your dashboard backlight doesn't turn on when you turn your car ignition key to ACCESSORIES or ON, you should take your vehicle to a car electrical specialist as soon as possible because it could also mean your parking lights are not on.

Auto Electrical Services (Inspection and Maintenance)

You should always have your car's electrical system serviced regularly. This can be done during your routine oil change and air filter service. Car electrical service is important because it helps catch electrical faults early and avoid expensive repairs.

To learn more about auto electrical systems, contact auto mechanics in your area.