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Welcome to Riverview Farms... We appreciate the opportunity to present to you, Virginia's Finest Horses. Our 300-acre farm rests in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and offers a grand pastoral setting for friends and family.
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Riverview Farms has relocated!

Traveling north on Interstate 81 take the Mount Jackson , Virginia Exit and at the top of the ramp take a right.  Go app. 2 blocks to Route 11 and turn south or right hand onto Route 11 and travel southward thru the little town of Mount Jackson and right at the south end of town you will see a Highway marked Route 263 named Orkney Grade that only goes right.  Take this right and travel app. 2 1/2 miles and you will cross over highway # 614 continue app. 1/2 mile and you will see Brady Lane to the left only.  Take this left and come for two blocks to 137 Brady Lane and you will see our big red barn on the left.  That is where the horse barn is located.

The Shenandoah Valley is lovely and I am sure you will enjoy the scenery here.  Thank you for traveling to visit with Riverview Farms....

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Coming Soon Herd Census with Pedigrees

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As Riverview Farms Online continues to grow, we plan to offer you a complete, informative & educational site about the Paso Fino Horse, our Prize Stallions and all the Services we provide. Feel free to take a look around at our progress.

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