Graphical Depiction of 
The Paso Fino Gait

Explanation of the Graphics

In order to understand graphics that come below, I used the following conventions:

  1. The Fore feet appear above the hind feet.
  2. The hind feet, by consequence, appear below the front feet.
  3. When a hoof is supported on the ground, it appears in black color (Land Phase or Impulse).
  4. When a hoof is lifted from the ground, it appears in blue color (Aerial Phase or Recovery)
  5. For graphics that have movement, it is advisable wait for long enough to permit the loading of the complete file and the execution to a most convenient speed (The execution speed depends of many factors: Computer, Modem, Internet Service Provider, Occupation of the Server, etc.)
  6. The figurative advance sense of the horse is from down to upward (As if tring to reach the upper part of the screen)

1.- Two hind feet and left fore foot 


2.- Right hind foot and left fore foot in diagonal. 3.- Right hind foot and two fore feet. 4.- Right hind foot and right fore foot in lateral. 5.- Two  hind feet and right fore foot. 6.- Left hind foot and right fore foot in diagonal. 7.- Left hind and 2 fore feet 8.- Left hind foot and right fore foot in lateral.
Animation of the eight movements.

Slow Motion

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