Is It Time To Check Your Auto Electrical System?

12 May 2022
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Like many people, you may be guilty of not giving your car's electrical system adequate maintenance attention. Yet, auto electricals are just as crucial as mechanical components when it comes to ensuring reliable vehicle operation. Watching out for early warning signs of auto electrical problems can help you avoid serious problems that may get you involved in an accident or stuck on the road at an inopportune time. Here are some common indications that your vehicle's electrical system has problems and needs to be checked right away. Read More 

How To Buy A Used Car

2 September 2021
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Purchasing a used car often seems like a straightforward affair since thousands of people buy used cars daily. However, for a first-time car owner, purchasing a used car may not be an easy task. Finding a vehicle that suits your needs, preferences and budget can prove to be a nerve-wracking activity. Read the guide below for some tips.   Determine The Model You Need The underlying principle when buying a used car should be functionality. Read More 

Two Tips for Loading Up Your Vehicle’s New Roof Basket

7 January 2021
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If you've just bought a new roof basket for your car and are about to load it up for the first time, here are some suggestions you'll probably find useful. Ensure your load is evenly dispersed across the whole roof basket When placing your belongings in the basket, you should ensure that they are spread evenly across the surface. For example, if you're putting three suitcases on it, you should not place them all towards the front, side or rear of the basket but should put one at the back, one in the centre and one near the front of the vehicle. Read More 

How To Choose An Escort Vehicle

25 September 2020
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Escort vehicles are used by heavy haulage companies to warn road users of a haulage truck transporting oversized objects or a convoy of haulage trucks. This guide will help you choose an escort vehicle.  Escort vehicles could be trucks, SUVs, saloon cars or pickups. Below are some tips to help you choose a suitable car. Think about the model of the vehicle. For instance, you should avoid vehicles that are known to develop overheating or breaking problems during long-distance trips. Read More 

3 Essential Considerations When Hiring a Mine Spec Vehicle

18 August 2020
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Mining sites are characterised by vastly different operating environments and safety needs. Therefore, various statutory authorities have developed unique specifications governing the vehicles used in the mining sector. The cars, known as mine spec vehicles, are equipped with useful add ons to ensure they can maneuver the harsh terrains and comply with occupational safety standards. However, newcomers into the mining industry tend to lack the necessary information on what to prioritise while acquiring their mining fleets. Read More