What to Do When Your MAP Sensor Starts to Fail

27 May 2020
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In days when life was a lot simpler, engine tuners would rely on their experience, a good sense of hearing and, often, a gut feeling. After all, they would need to make fine adjustments to achieve the best level of performance and had very little help from electronics. Today, however, the situation is very different, and the vehicle's ECM system will handle most of the work. Yet things can still go wrong and it may be more difficult to get to the bottom of it. Read More 

Three Crucial Signs That You Need to Repair Your Engine

31 March 2020
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The life of your car's engine is also the life of your car. While modern-day cars are as complicated as any other machine, they are not invincible. This means that with time and regular wear, the car and the engine will start wearing out. When the vehicle starts suffering the consequences of age, it starts exhibiting certain signs that are not hard to miss. Here are the three crucial indicators that will show you that your engine needs repairs. Read More 

What Should You Know About Auto Electricals?

23 March 2020
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You, of course, know that your vehicle requires an electric current to power ignition, lighting and the electrical devices installed in your car. Vehicle electrical devices can include car alarms, music and video systems, front and rear cameras, etc. Power Source Your car battery is the first source of electricity for your car, meaning that you can't start your car engine without it. Once your engine is turned on, the source of power changes from the battery to the engine. Read More 

The Features in New Cars That Have Revolutionised Driving

18 March 2020
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Whether you are buying your first car or looking to upgrade after a series of older cars, many people are hesitant about buying new cars. They do, after all, cost quite a bit of money, so you should be cautious about not making an impulse purchase. However, new cars have so many benefits over older cars, from their fuel efficiency to all the incredible new safety features. That all sounds good, but what most people get excited about in new cars are the many new features that have become popularised in the last few years. Read More 

4 Car Transmission Problems That Require Urgent Repairs

17 March 2020
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A gearbox is a very complicated unit that controls power application from the engine of your car to its driveshaft. Due to the heat and friction produced within the gearbox, it's bound to suffer a lot more wear and tear compared to any other part of the vehicle. Hence, it fairs well to understand different problems you may encounter so you can set up gearbox repairs promptly. The following are four common car transmission problems you should watch out for and repair. Read More