How To Choose An Escort Vehicle

25 September 2020
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Escort vehicles are used by heavy haulage companies to warn road users of a haulage truck transporting oversized objects or a convoy of haulage trucks. This guide will help you choose an escort vehicle.  Escort vehicles could be trucks, SUVs, saloon cars or pickups. Below are some tips to help you choose a suitable car. Think about the model of the vehicle. For instance, you should avoid vehicles that are known to develop overheating or breaking problems during long-distance trips. Read More 

3 Essential Considerations When Hiring a Mine Spec Vehicle

18 August 2020
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Mining sites are characterised by vastly different operating environments and safety needs. Therefore, various statutory authorities have developed unique specifications governing the vehicles used in the mining sector. The cars, known as mine spec vehicles, are equipped with useful add ons to ensure they can maneuver the harsh terrains and comply with occupational safety standards. However, newcomers into the mining industry tend to lack the necessary information on what to prioritise while acquiring their mining fleets. Read More 

4 Must-Have Attributes of Reputable and Trustworthy Truck Repair Mechanics

16 July 2020
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Choosing the right mechanic to repair your truck is no child's play. It would help if you found service providers who are trustworthy and able to fix a broad range of mechanical problems. That should help get your truck back on the road in the shortest time possible. Besides, they must do this carefully without draining your pockets.  A formidable reputation in the automotive industry is also key to finding a reputable truck mechanic. Read More 

What to Do When Your MAP Sensor Starts to Fail

27 May 2020
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In days when life was a lot simpler, engine tuners would rely on their experience, a good sense of hearing and, often, a gut feeling. After all, they would need to make fine adjustments to achieve the best level of performance and had very little help from electronics. Today, however, the situation is very different, and the vehicle's ECM system will handle most of the work. Yet things can still go wrong and it may be more difficult to get to the bottom of it. Read More 

Three Crucial Signs That You Need to Repair Your Engine

31 March 2020
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The life of your car's engine is also the life of your car. While modern-day cars are as complicated as any other machine, they are not invincible. This means that with time and regular wear, the car and the engine will start wearing out. When the vehicle starts suffering the consequences of age, it starts exhibiting certain signs that are not hard to miss. Here are the three crucial indicators that will show you that your engine needs repairs. Read More