How To Choose An Escort Vehicle

25 September 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Escort vehicles are used by heavy haulage companies to warn road users of a haulage truck transporting oversized objects or a convoy of haulage trucks. This guide will help you choose an escort vehicle. 

Escort vehicles could be trucks, SUVs, saloon cars or pickups. Below are some tips to help you choose a suitable car.

  • Think about the model of the vehicle. For instance, you should avoid vehicles that are known to develop overheating or breaking problems during long-distance trips.
  • If you intend to travel through hilly or off-road terrain, go for 4WD vehicles with adequate ground clearance.
  • Pickups will provide additional carrying space for safety equipment and truck spare parts.
  • Saloon escort vehicles are ideal for short trips around town. 

You'll also want to examine the condition of the escort vehicle. Typically, it should not have worn out tires or suspension problems. Additionally, ask for service and maintenance records to ensure the car can handle the trip.

The escort vehicle should meet the set state specifications. In Australia, escort vehicles often need to have a warning light installed on the roof. Besides, they should have signage at the front and back. If you think that the load might interfere with street lights and electric cables, the escort vehicle should have a pole to help you know whether the haulage truck will come into contact with these installations. As a rule, the escort vehicle should have communication equipment to keep the driver in contact with the rest of the haulage team. 

Contact a few escort vehicle hire companies in your locality and inquire about the availability of the pilot vehicles. Other than the company's pricing, you should also evaluate their terms of hire. For instance, they should provide another car if the one you hire breaks down during transport. Various challenges could affect the haulage process. As such, the hiring company should allow you to extend the hire period. Accidents can occur during haulage. Therefore, the pilot vehicles should have a comprehensive insurance cover.

The company should provide experienced pilot car drivers. In some states and countries, pilot drivers must undergo a training program from an accredited institution. If this is the case, ask the drivers for their certificates. Examine the driver's professionalism. For example, they should know the distance to maintain between the haulage truck and pilot vehicles. Besides, they should know when to stop the convoy ease traffic at the front and rear. The drivers should also communicate with local police to help redirect traffic in urban areas. 

When choosing an escort vehicle, determine the right type of vehicle, check the vehicle's safety standards, work with a reputable hire company and examine the qualifications and professionalism of the drivers. 

To learn more about escort vehicles, contact an automotive company today.