3 Essential Considerations When Hiring a Mine Spec Vehicle

18 August 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Mining sites are characterised by vastly different operating environments and safety needs. Therefore, various statutory authorities have developed unique specifications governing the vehicles used in the mining sector. The cars, known as mine spec vehicles, are equipped with useful add ons to ensure they can maneuver the harsh terrains and comply with occupational safety standards. However, newcomers into the mining industry tend to lack the necessary information on what to prioritise while acquiring their mining fleets. This guide outlines the must-observe aspects.


Vehicle add-ons, especially for mine spec vehicles, are mandatory requirements. While most four-wheel-drive cars can navigate the roughest terrains, ensuring that particular features are added onto a mining vehicle is critical. It helps to reinforce the safety and health of the crews operating the cars. For example, mine spec vehicles must be fitted with powerful spotlights to enhance visibility. Besides, the vehicles must be equipped with fire extinguishers in case an accident occurs, especially in Australia's fire-prone bushes. However, most of these requirements are flexible and designed to provide mining companies with options.

Lease Vehicles  

Mine spec vehicles are expensive to acquire due to the customised add-ons. If you are venturing into the mining industry, you are probably aware that equipment, including cars, are pricey. Thankfully, hire vehicles are available, which is cheaper since they do not require significant capital outlays. Nonetheless, before you order for a leased mine spec car, consider going for more extended contracts since these come with favourable deals rather than hiring a vehicle for short timeframes. On this score, many car models and companies exist that offer unique product propositions. It is recommended that you scout around for the ideal fit based on existing environmental conditions, preference and budget before signing a lease contract.


Vehicle functionality is a critical element that you should never ignore. The ability of a mine spec vehicle is hinged on the management of the crew. Mine spec vehicles are hired for business; therefore, ensuring that they are utilised correctly generates profits and improves safety. The In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) has specifically been designed to monitor driver behaviour since it records operator identity, speed and the distance covered. The ability enables a management team to analyse a vehicle's performance with a view of improving driver training and car specification. Notably, most of the systems are connected to GPS and can be viewed in realtime. Most importantly, the technology ensures that drivers are always at their best behaviour, which is critical in guaranteeing safety, especially in the hazard-prone mining environments.

For more information, reach out to a local mine spec vehicle hire service.