Top Facts For Beginners To Know About Hiring Mobile Cranes For A Construction Site

10 March 2020
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Hiring a mobile crane has become one of the significant reasons why startup construction companies have gone toe-to-toe with major conglomerates because of the low overhead cost compared to buying. A mobile crane is easy to maneuver and thus, ideal for worksites with limited space. The compact nature of mobile cranes also makes it easy for the equipment to be transported in and out of a site. Here are some top facts for beginners to know about hiring mobile cranes for a construction site.

Tracked Vs. Wheeled -- If you plan on hiring a mobile crane, you are likely to be faced with the choice of a tracked or wheeled machinery as a form of propulsion. There is no best option, but the nature of construction work and terrain will determine the type of propulsion system to choose from. For example, a mobile crane on wheels is suitable for job sites that need minimum ground disturbance. The weight of the crane is distributed evenly through the wheels. On the other hand, tracked cranes offer a greater surface-contact area, thereby reducing the weight transfer. Therefore, on soft ground, tracks are advisable because of the stability in maneuvering through slippery terrain. Note that tracked mobile cranes are not recommended for urban areas with improved road surface because of the risk of damaging such paved surfaces.

Lifting Capability -- The lifting capacity of a mobile crane largely depends on the size of the crane. You should assess your lifting needs before settling on your preferred mobile crane to avoid additional costs of switching machinery in the middle of a job. Furthermore, a huge crane with high lifting capability will require a large space for the machinery to maneuver effectively. Talk to an expert to determine the available space at the job site before hiring a mobile crane. Mobile cranes come in different sizes with the large ones offering a lifting capacity of up to 200 tonnes. The type of work you intend to do at the construction site will determine the size of the mobile crane to rent.

Maximum Reach -- Mobile cranes have different working heights that they can attain. Before hiring such machinery, determine the tallest height you intend to reach and then select an appropriate mobile crane that can get loads and working crew to that height. If you are working on a skyscraper in the city centre, for example, a mobile crane with a great maximum reach is suitable because large fixed cranes cannot operate in such sites. Make sure you know the maximum reach of your mobile crane before hiring one.

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