What You Should Know About Becoming a Heavy Vehicle Operator

13 March 2020
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If you choose the career path of a heavy vehicle operator, there are various things you need to know. Here's a simple guide to help you make your heavy vehicle operator dream come true:

What Heavy Vehicle Do You Want to Operate?

You may come across different heavy vehicles that help carry out different tasks or jobs. Find out the type of work you want to do and identify the kind of heavy vehicle used to accomplish it. This is how you get to know which type of heavy vehicle operator course you need to take.

You may either be required to operate an LR, MR, HR, HC or MC vehicle. That is, light rigid, medium rigid, heavy rigid, heavy combination and multi-combination respectively. That is the order from the smallest truck to the largest. Before you are allowed to operate the larger trucks (MC and HC trucks), you must have learnt how to operate the smaller ones (LR, MR and HR) and held their licenses for at least one or two years. It is usually a requirement when enrolling for a heavy vehicle operator course.

Other requirements may include having no medical conditions that could prevent you from safely operating a heavy vehicle. The most commonly checked problem is eyesight.

OHS (Occupational Health and Safety)

You might also be required to take an OHS course. A heavy truck operator must learn how to safely operate a heavy vehicle, avoid causing harm to him or herself and other workers during heavy vehicle operation and put in place measures to avoid risky scenarios. This is where you learn about personal protective gear, warning lights and sounds, first aid and what to do in case of the occurrence of particular hazards.

Heavy Vehicle Operator Test

After you complete your heavy vehicle operator course, you are required to pass a theory and practical test. You must pass these tests if you want to be issued with a heavy vehicle operator license.

Failing the test means repeating the course and exam; you have to pay for the course once more. Therefore, be keen in heavy vehicle operator class and always ask where you don't understand. Also, practice operating the heavy vehicle until you are confident in yourself. This is not only for your sake (to pass the test and get a license) but for the safety of other people or property near the heavy vehicle. Heavy vehicles can cause injury and also damage to property.