4 Car Transmission Problems That Require Urgent Repairs

17 March 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


A gearbox is a very complicated unit that controls power application from the engine of your car to its driveshaft. Due to the heat and friction produced within the gearbox, it's bound to suffer a lot more wear and tear compared to any other part of the vehicle. Hence, it fairs well to understand different problems you may encounter so you can set up gearbox repairs promptly. The following are four common car transmission problems you should watch out for and repair.

Slow Response

As you shift from parking to drive gear, your car must switch immediately into the right gear. If you drive an automatic car, it's possible to notice some delay before feeling it engage to gear. Mostly, this is a transmission-based problem and can be the same for manual cars. When shifting into gear, the engine's RPM surges and your vehicle won't move as fast as its engine sounds, likely indicating the need to replace the clutch. 

Whining Sounds

It may be difficult pointing out the exact sound your car makes when there is a problem with its gearbox, but you'll surely notice it. Sounds produced can vary widely between different vehicle models and makes. However, they are comparable to humming, buzzing, or whining noises.

Leakage of Fluids

The most common symptom of a faulty gearbox is leakage, something you should repair as soon as possible when identified. Allowing leakage of fluids is one of the leading causes of car transmission breakdown. An automatic transition fluid or ATF is your gearbox's lifeblood, since it lubricates, cleans, and conditions the seals besides acting as the hydraulic fluid. Without it, your car's engine can stop functioning altogether. 

Shaking and Grinding

Your car must run smoothly without shaking or grinding noises from the engine. However, in case you encounter these problems, it's a clear sign that there is a severe problem with your gearbox. For manual transmissions, you'll commonly notice problems of shaking or grinding when shifting into gear. Besides, when these noises occur after you engage the clutch and shifting, it can indicate that you require to repair or replace your clutch.


Most problems with your gearbox or transmission begin small and develop into serious issues. Overlooking the symptoms like those listed above can lead to more costly repairs in future. Some trivial problems are minor and affordable to deal with, preventing substantial repair bills later. Therefore, take note of the above transmission problems to know when to visit a repair shop for help.