Basic Facts About Flat Top Trailers for First-Time Buyers

17 March 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When it comes to choosing the right trailer for a given purpose, most potential buyers are confused by the many different types, models and brands available to choose from. The confusion can be overwhelming to first-time buyers. Notably, a flat top trailer is one of the common choices for shrewd buyers. As the name suggests, a flat top trailer sits on a flat platform connected to two wheels.

Here are a few basic facts about flat top trailers for first-time buyers:


A flat top trailer is equipped with an open flatbed that has no roof or permanent walls. As a result, you can load up virtually anything that can fit in in the trailer with ease, such as construction materials. Therefore, a flat top trailer is an ideal vehicle for carrying materials for your construction business. Most flat top trailers are non-powered, and thus, require a car or truck to cart them along. The versatility of such trailers makes them ideal for the construction business because they can be tailor-made to carry different types of loads.


Flat top trailers come in different shapes and sizes depending on application and user preference. A flat top trailer has the benefit of not having height restrictions because it has no permanent walls and roof, which means that you can carry any cargo. Besides, when considering trailer size, ensure that the width adheres to your State or Territory laws and regulations. For custom-made trailers, always approach your supplier when you already have an idea about the length of the cargo you plan to haul. A good rule of thumb is to buy a slightly larger flat top trailer for diverse hauling applications. However, the size of the trailer you choose will also depend on the towing limit of your vehicle.

Key Features

One of the basic accessories on a flat top trailer is the securing mechanism for cargo. It is a safety requirement to secure loads on a trailer bed to avoid potential accidents on the road. As a result, ensure that the trailer has tie-downs installed at strategic locations to secure cargo. Some flat top trailers have a hydraulic lifting mechanism that helps to offload cargo quickly.  

Surface Material

Another top factor to consider before buying a flat top trailer for your is the build quality of the bed itself. Go for quality chequer-plate steel floor for added strength and resistance to stress. Besides, steel also prevents cargo from slipping. Alternatively, you can opt for aluminium floor that is resistant to rust as well as being sturdier compared to other materials. Aluminium, being light in weight, reduces the weight of the flat top trailer, which in turn improves the fuel economy of the towing vehicle.